My Valentine’s Day Journey Map

Customer Journey Mapping

I had fun mapping out my personal journey for my gift purchase to my wife. One thing I should mention is my persona plays a big part in why I chose these goals/events. Because a journey map is the story of a customers’ experience – it depicts what happens along the way, to whom, and how it happens –you need to know who (persona) is taking the journey so you understand the context.

In my case, like many holidays that involve gift giving, I tend to procrastinate. I am not overly sensitive to price but want variety in what it is I am going to buy and most importantly, have it on time!

Good personas typically consist of five parts:

Needs and goals. What is your persona trying to do, why and by when?

Motivations. What are their key triggers and barriers? What influences their thinking? And do they have an actual need or feeling pressure from elsewhere?

Behaviors. Where do they find information? Is your persona spontaneous or do they research and plan every detail? What media channels do they like to use?

Profile. Think about your persona’s demographics. It can also be useful to think about variables like price sensitivity, confidence with technology and amount of leisure time and whether your persona over- or under-indexes on them.

Quotes and photos. Bring your personas to life. It’s important that they are stereotypes that feel real so give them a name, add comments captured through research and photos of what they look like.

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Know Your Customer

Although this is a very simple and high level journey map, it does tell an interesting story when you overlay my persona. I could have done my shopping online at a merchant that I have shopped at before but they didn’t pick up on my shipping as being the deciding factor. Although some might argue this was a last minute goal, I did plan my shopping two days before Valentine’s Day. Even Amazon offers next day delivery for an extra fee but they didn’t have what I was looking for. Big miss on the part of these merchants that KNOW ME! Of course we are reminded of how AI is playing a big part in the customer journey but quite frankly this was CRM and personalization 101 🙂

eCommerce sites have an abundance of information on their customers and prospects. When you overlay purchase history with your customers, you can really interject yourself (merchant) in real time during their journey.